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Safety Tips

Protect Your Personal Data/Information

  • Do not share your phone number with anyone you do not know or trust

  • Do not share your ID, Passport, Driver’s Licence number or any form of identification with anyone as it could be stolen.

  • Do not share transactional information such as your credit, debit card, or bank details with anyone

  • Do not share your account passwords with anyone

  • Do not share your location with anyone you do not know or trust

  • Do not share your login information with anyone.


Vevivo Meet-ups

  • Before you go out for a meet-up with someone you never met before, tell someone where you are going and with who in advance.

  • If you witness any suspicious activity about a meet-up or a user flag them/report them to us so that we can investigate.

Inappropriate Behaviour/ abuse

  • If you have experienced any form of discrimination or abuse contact your local authorities immediately!

  • Do not post, nor share any nude, topless, or compromising pictures of yourself or of others in Vevivo.


Suspicious Activity

  • If any of your personal details (email, password) have been stolen, then try to change immediately all of your passwords and contact the appropriate authorities. 

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